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Any company, whether it has a physical space or internet domain should be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Most businesses like restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, schools, etc., are required to provide access to the handicapped. And as time flies and becomes more progressive, people who have trouble with hearing, their eye sight, or typing should be given web accessibility as well.

Web Accessibility and ADA Compliance Standards

The ADA has a standard set of rules, guidelines, and code standards that can enable people with disabilities to effectively use business websites. It is a 1000-page book, created by the W3C, that explains everything you need to know about the range of disabilities.

It also presents a set of guidelines on how to make browsing your website possible for people under that spectrum. With these set of guidelines, access to your website will be possible for:

  • Blind people who use screen readers
  • People with motor impairments who find it difficult using a keyboard
  • People with epilepsy, minor visual impairments, color blindness, and a variety of other disabilities.

Is Web Accessibility Mandatory?

ADA website compliance is not yet mandatory. However, it is better to be prepared, especially if you do not want to be involved in some kind of ADA compliance website for disability lawsuit. Plus, everyone will benefit. With the high demand for ADA compliant websites and the increase of users with disabilities, it is better to have it now than ever.

How do you add these features? Aquarius Designs can help!

Aquarius Designs ADA Compliance Service

Aquarius Designs can help you create an ADA compliant website that complies with the set of rules of web accessibility. These features can be added to any existing website or you can design a new website with these add-on features at a very affordable price—especially if you are already an existing customer.

Our team of professionals and skilled developers will help your website compliant to the ADA standards by adding features, such as:

  • Audio captions for videos
  • Transcripts for those with auditory or cognitive issues
  • Accessibility interface for UI design fixes
  • Automated daily monitoring scans
  • Monthly accessibility compliance audits
  • And a dedicated litigation support package

Each pricing plan includes all these essential features. Larger websites with more pages should get the higher-end plans and small business websites can get an ADA compliant website for as low as $750 a year, which is nothing if you compare it to facing an ADA compliance lawsuit.

Make your website ADA compliant Now!