Brand Design & Logo Creation to Set You Apart

Businesses are like people. They have personalities and relationships. They have meaning in people’s lives. What does your brand look and sound like? Is it unique? Your corporate identity should differentiate and define you. It should embody who you are, what you do, and how you want to be perceived both internally and externally. Above all, it should create value—and inspire loyalty. With our graphic design agency, your brand design will do that and more.

Make an Impression with a Unique Corporate Identity

Aquarius has successfully branded and rebranded a variety of organizations and products. But what makes a successful brand? A strong brand is a promise your organization makes to your customers, employees, and partners. It’s multiple elements working in harmony with one another. It’s the visual identity used in your communications. It’s your voice and how you speak to your audience. And it’s being consistent across it all – from your website to print to video and everything in between.

More than just brand design and tone, your corporate identity should be a reflection of your company’s essence. With customer research, a competitive analysis, and a branding session, our team will help you discover the motivating and differentiating aspects of your business to develop a “blueprint.” This will serve as the foundation for your new brand guidelines, advertising and social media strategy, and marketing activities for your business.

Logo Design Services with Staying Power

Your logo or corporate identity mark is a small image with a big responsibility – to convey your brand personality instantly through a font, image, color, and sometimes a tagline. Our team has created logos for businesses large and small, either as part of a comprehensive brand design process or as a standalone project.

At our graphic design agency, we believe the most successful logos are simple, unique, adaptable across just about any kind of media. We’ll make sure yours has staying power over time, accurately reflecting who you are and how you want to be perceived. How can we be so sure? Aquarius’ logo design services are the result of a comprehensive planning and discovery process that gives us a clear understanding of your organization, your industry, and your corporate identity.

Meet Your New Graphic Design Agency

If you’re ready to stand out in the crowd with a visual identity that is undeniably “you,” contact Aquarius Designs today to learn more about our branding and logo design services.