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As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the global economy, many companies have found themselves forced to close or pivot their services to survive. Fashion designers have been making face masks. Gyms are offering virtual classes. Restaurants shifted to takeout only.

It’s clear that most businesses are trying anything and everything to keep money coming in. If you’re interested in finding new streams of revenue during these challenging times, Aquarius Designs can help. We’re a NJ-based digital marketing agency that’s partnered with many local companies to complete smart pandemic pivots that maintain and grow their businesses.

Case in Point

Helping a Swim School Stays Afloat
A local swimming school was running on a successful business model: hold swim lessons at over 30 local hotel pools without the overhead of owning a facility and offer commercial pool maintenance to those hotels. Win-win. When the pandemic hit, hotel pools closed, and the school was forced to stop lessons. Their solution? Pivot to residential pool services with the help of Aquarius. Although the owners look forward to getting kids back in class, pool openings, closings, weekly maintenance, and repairs are keeping them busy.

Keeping the Beat
When a company offering music lessons and parties for children was forced to close their two locations, they needed a new plan. They started offering free online classes on YouTube, which gained them a much wider audience. In response to the increased interest, the owners decided to launch online class packages and virtual birthday parties. Aquarius set up the website promoting the new service offering and it’s been music to their customers’ ears.

What Can Aquarius Do for You?

If you could use an expert digital marketing team to help shift gears on your business offering, Aquarius is here. Whether it’s establishing an online presence for your brick-and-mortar company or finding new ways to engage with your audience (i.e., online videos, tutorials, eLearning), we can help you utilize the resources and skills you already have to thrive in this new business climate.
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