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There are many elements that make a successful business – innovative products, consumer need, a solid bottom line. But there’s one thing that’s essential to every business, and that’s relationships. When it comes to the success of your branding and marketing, everything hinges on open, communicative business partnerships. Before you even begin to think about how to measure brand awareness, you have to be aware of how well those business partnerships are working for you. And at Aquarius Designs, we’re all about the relationships with our clients.

Integrated Marketing Communication Starts with Clear Communication

The smartest companies and clients see the value that a strong relationship brings to the work. They see that relationship management leads to better results. They also know that in order to create a strong partnership, the lines of communication have to be wide open with plenty of honesty, feedback, and effort to set and meet expectations. Before you even start to address the creative, strategy, media outreach, access to technology solutions or how to measure brand awareness, you have to choose the right partner—and nurture that partnership. Consider this:

Top Reasons for Client Termination of Agencies

  • Poor understanding or interest in client’s business
  • Creative and strategy don’t match
  • Senior management turnover or understaffing
  • Creative intransigence and arrogance
  • Mandated consolidation
  • Poor attention to budgets
  • Need to access technology solutions or other services from a second agency partner

The fact is, most of these issues can be resolved with prior acknowledgement and discussion the moment the concerns arise. If you’re concerned that your integrated marketing communication company isn’t meeting your expectations, raise the flag immediately. Relationship management is all about constant and honest communication, and when you have that right from the start, you’re more likely to have those expectations met—and probably exceeded. How else can you ensure a lasting, fruitful relationship with your agency that leads to better business results? Here are a few quick tips.

  1. Always collaborate. Collaboration between a client and their integrated marketing communication agency creates a clearer view of the overall strategy. At Aquarius, we walk our client’s walk, and talk the talk. The more we know about your business the better we can meet your goals.

  2. Use your resources. Budget is always top of mind, especially when you have to consider various marketing vehicles, technologies, and hardware. The best agency partners will leverage the talent that you already have within your company, not substitute it. As part of solid relationship management, your agency should know how to use the resources you already have.
  • Take advantage of technology. A successful branding campaign needs to access technology solutions such as email distribution software, social media marketing, and analytics tools. Clients have to be open to utilizing these solutions in order to execute and measure strategies. When it comes to knowing how to measure brand awareness, trust in your agency’s technology suggestions. They are careful watchdogs of your budget and know where to make the investments to get the most bang for your buck. 

Relationship management takes real effort and time, but both you and your integrated marketing communication will see noticeable benefits in the long term. To nurture that relationship, consider building it outside of the workplace as well. People like to work with those whom they know and trust, so next time your agency suggests you meet for lunch, start thinking of places to eat!