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No matter how much the world changes, one thing remains the same: Businesses needs customers to stay viable. But you don’t want a one-time buyer. You want clients and customers for life – loyalists willing to hand you money to experience your product or service again and again. But how do you do that?

It’s all about exceptional customer service – a business value that becomes a powerful brand differentiator. Customers and clients expect to be treated well and with respect. Fail on that, and they’ll happily take their business elsewhere.

At Aquarius Designs, our talented team of industry experts are agile and effective in their execution, which allows us to consistently impress and over deliver. Many clients have been with us for nearly 20 years, and their consistent referrals to other businesses is our greatest reward. You, too, can have this level of loyalty with an active commitment to personalized service.


Top Tips for Keeping Clients & Customers

Listen carefully
Your clients and customers are experts in their field, just as you are in yours. You need to listen to ideas and input from them because they know their own customers better than you do. The Aquarius team would never condescend to think we know your clients better than you. If you’re providing a service to an end-customer, listen to their needs and personalize your service to their liking.

Be decisive
Respecting your clients’ point of view doesn’t mean keeping opinions to yourself. Clients hire you because you’re the expert. Your confidence should come across in every interaction and discussion. Anticipate questions that require research, do the research ahead of time, and have all the right answers at your fingertips.

Identify opportunities
Your research will likely uncover valuable opportunities. Be proactive about sharing them. Don’t wait for customers to ask you what more can be done to improve performance. Hone ideas and new strategies for helping clients get more from their budgets. This will show you care about making sure their investment in your company is helping them grow continuously over time.

Be transparent
Convey clearly what you do, how you deliver your services, and what customers can expect from you. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Customer loyalty increases based on how mistakes get handled. In fact, studies show that up to 70 percent of unhappy customers transform into loyal customers if the mistake has been fixed exceeding their expectations.

Be a partner
The key to building lasting relationships with clients is to be a partner to them, not just a vendor. Vendors simply fulfill job orders – partners understand their clients’ challenges, and work with them to develop and implement solutions. This level of attention makes for trusted, mutually beneficial relationships.

Happy Clients Create Referrals

Did you know 83 percent of people rely on the opinions of family and friends when making purchasing decisions? Word of mouth is a powerful form of marketing, and referrals can be one of the best sources of new business.

If you provide a great customer experience, word of mouth referrals are bound to happen naturally. That said, a conscious effort to cultivate them will result in higher ROI from your network. Here are some quick tips to do just that:

• Identify key individuals in your sphere of influence (existing customers, business contacts, friends, etc.)
• Cultivate and invest in those relationships, delighting them whenever you can
• Ask for referrals and offer the same in return
• Exceed expectations
• Share positive feedback
• Leverage LinkedIn
• Add a customer loyalty program
• Adopt a customer referral program
This is all perhaps easier said than done, so it’s beneficial to work with a marketing agency that can strategize and create tactics as you move forward.

Partner with Aquarius to See Why Referrals Have Helped Us Thrive for 20 Years

Aquarius Designs is New Jersey’s leading full-service digital agency, and referrals are the lifeblood of our business. If you’d like to see how we can help you create consistently superior customer service and referrals, contact us today at or call 609.336.0114!