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Regardless of the type of website you’re building or already launched, you probably have a goal in mind for the visitors who land on your pages. Do you want them to contact you for a quote?  Should they buy your products?  Or share the information they find? Your website needs a clear and effective call to action in order to convert traffic.

A call to action is exactly what it sounds like – a way to urge your visitors to do something specific. When you’re trying to generate traffic to your website, this is one of the first areas you must consider. So, how can you create an effective call to action? Get started with some of these best practices.

Effective Call to Action Tips

Begin with the right action

Again, consider what do you want people to do when they visit your website.  Should they call your business? Sign up for a newsletter?  Keep coming back for news and updates?  Choose the one most important thing you want every visitor to do, and make this the focus of your call to action. Cluttering up your page with multiple requests could end up confusing visitors.  But don’t limit your effective call to action to just the landing page. You have the opportunity to inspire action on EVERY page, so use that to your advantage. This way, you can make different requests depending on the page, but again, make sure it’s only one request per page. Repetition is an excellent way to reinforce your message and boost conversions.

Consider form and function

To build traffic to your website, your effective call to action can take the form of copy or design.  Maybe it’s a simple call-out with text including a phone number to call. Or a link to click on that takes visitors to a new page with a form to complete. Whichever effective call to action you choose, make sure it’s communicated clearly and the functionality makes it easy for the visitor to complete. And make sure it’s the most visible, emphasized element on the page. Consider the following tips:

•           Make it large enough to stand out, but keep it in proportion to the page
•           Incorporate color to attract the eye
•           Use a compelling design element that complements your website
•           Choose a that’s easy to read rather than something decorative
•           Be consistent with the call to action on every page


Keep it short and simple

An effective call to action isn’t funny, gimmicky or verbose. You should get to the point quickly. To generate traffic to your website, begin your call to action with a verb like “share” or “get.” This invites the visitor to pass on some good information or get some benefit for themselves.  Consider including a time element, such as “now” or “today” to give a sense of urgency and/or show that your site is current and up to date.  Some good examples, depending on your type of business, include:

•           Call us today
•           Save 50% on shirts
•           Follow us on Twitter

While an effective call to action is critical to boosting conversions, your work doesn’t stop there. When you’re addressing how to get more traffic to your website and convert more leads into customers, your next step is to tackle search engine optimization. The professionals at Aquarius Designs, a New Jersey marketing and design firm, can take the guesswork out of the process and help build traffic to your website.  Call us today at 917.687.4764.