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Blogs. Facebook. Twitter.  Social media has changed the way we communicate and connect. The digital world has become a central place to grow our businesses, build our brands and develop relationships.  It’s given us wide-open channel for conversation and collaboration that can occur anytime, anywhere. One social site that has captured the attention of the masses recently is While this website is popular for individuals, its growing importance and role in business can’t be denied. Have you considered using Pinterest for your business?

Why Pinterest for your business?

There’s a growing fascination with Pinterest amongst users.  For many, the purpose is to get and share new ideas, whether it’s recipes, design or fashion.  In essence, you pin pictures to your board, and your followers get insight into whatever you think is cool, important or meaningful. Imagine what this level of sharing can do for your business!  While there’s no tool to allow potential customers to buy your products or services directly from the site, just consider the marketing potential of a Pinterest business account!  Your images (with links back to the original source) can get re-pinned on thousands of other users’ boards.

Here are five Pinterest tips for business that will help you attract the attention of your target audience, improve your website click-throughs, and spread the word about your products or services.

Top Five Pinterest Tips for Business

1. Invest the time

Like any marketing effort, managing a Pinterest business account requires an investment in time. If you are to busy running your business to work on your business, consider hiring a marketing company like Aquarius Designs to do the work for you.  While it’s free to use Pinterest for business, if you don’t have the time, the small cost of outsourcing the task is well worth it.

2. Consider your content

In order to get a lot of traction, you should, at the very least, create a daily pin on your Pinterest business account to promote your brand. While many businesses are tempted to only post pins for the products they sell, you can also post tips, tidbits and taglines that are memorable enough to get re-pinned. Consider using daily themes like “Business tip of the day,” which often lead to repeat visits by people are eager to check out your newest pin.  Remember to include a link back to your website with each pin.

3. Build relationships

Do some digging and build relationships with users who are known for quality pins on the site.  Once these bigwigs get to know you and your Pinterest for your business, they’ll be more likely to post about your services or product, or re-pin your images. You can then take the relationship to Twitter or Facebook to nurture the conversation.

4. Connect your physical presence with your online presence

It’s important to connect your physical location and your website with your Pinterest business account. Consider featuring a Pinterest promotion in an advertisement for your physical store or business. Place Pinterest buttons on your website. These simple steps are bound to get you more website traffic directly from Pinterest and increased sales.

5. Keep it simple

The best thing about of Pinterest is that it’s so easy to use. Everyone’s board is the same and each and every pin is the same size. Be sure to create a board that’s uncluttered and elegant, like the site itself.

Pinterest has become one of the world’s most popular and fastest-growing social sites, so it’s no wonder why Pinterest for business growth is an essential part of many companies’ marketing efforts. If you’re new to the site, or need help managing your Pinterest business account and social media strategy, contact Aquarius Designs today at 917.687.4764.