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It’s a fact: the holidays are here, and they seem to arrive earlier every year! But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners are trying to have high hopes while realizing holiday shopping might be more challenging this year.

Whether you have a retail or service-based business, the key this year is to stand out! Here’s what you can do to stay visible and accessible this year.

1. Know Your Brand
Understand what sets your product or service apart from the rest in your particular market or niche. Then use it in your social posts, web copy, and digital marketing campaigns. Since consumers may not be seeing your offerings up-close and in person, do your best to make the best impression with your words, imagery, and other visual elements.

2. Be Visible
When people start shopping for the holidays, many are completely undecided or at least considering multiple gift options. One great way to make your products stand out is to post a short video on YouTube or Instagram and embed it in your product descriptions.

3. Think of Consumer Needs
With people spending so much time at home these days, household products like bedding, blankets, candles, and pajamas have become the hottest trends. If your business sells items that appeal to consumers spending lots of time inside, promote them to the fullest. And speaking of people spending time indoors, people are buying way ahead of time this year, so make sure you’re well-stocked and ready for shipping delays.

4. Offer a Flash Deal
In the service business?One way to book out your offerings is to offer a flash sale or time-limited discount. For example, you could offer customers a 20% discount if they book and pay for a service before the year ends. This is a great way for clients to save money and your business to guarantee a sale before year’s end.

Aquarius Designs Can Help You Spread Joy This Season

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