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If you could spend mere dollars per day and reach millions of potential buyers in your target market, would you do it? Of course you would! Advertise on social media, and you’ll get that and more.

There are 3.81 billion active users on social media, with 1 million people joining each day—that’s equivalent to 11 new users per second![1] What’s more, 48 percent of social media users have made a purchase after seeing an advertisement on the platform.[2] With stats like that, you can’t afford NOT to advertise on social.

The fact is, businesses that don’t advertise on social media risk falling behind. Small business owners are taking note, with nearly all of them (92 percent) investing more time and money in social media in 2018 alone. Were you one of them? If not, the time is now!

Social media ads help you achieve one of three broad marketing objectives:

  • Awareness: Build brand awareness or expand reach.
  • Consideration: Send traffic to your website, increase engagement, encourage app installs or video views, generate leads, or encourage people to communicate with you.
  • Conversion: Create online conversions, make sales, or drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.

If you’re a small business owner looking to achieve one (if not all) of these objectives, social media advertising is one of the most versatile and cost-effective tools you can use.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Choose who sees your ads.
Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed when a product that seems perfect for you appears? That’s no coincidence—it’s by design. With fully customized targeting options like location, age groups, income, interests, and other qualifiers, social media ads give you complete control over who sees what. Plus, analytics and reporting let you see which ad messages or audiences are performing best.

2. Boost brand recognition.
Just starting a new business? Looking to gain a broader reach? The more regularly those targeted ads appear in newsfeeds, the more people will recognize you. That recognition will enhance your credibility, drive engagement, and boost conversions. Create a captivating blend of copy, colors, text, and even video, and you’re guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

3. Drive website engagement.
Whether you want people to learn about your company, buy a product, or download an eBook, social media ads are a great way to get click-throughs to your website or a unique landing page. Include compelling call-to-action buttons in your ads, like Shop Now, Learn More, or Sign Up, and you’ll enjoy an influx of traffic from the people most likely to benefit from your offering.

4. Work with any budget and see excellent ROI.
Targeting accuracy translates to a significant decrease in wasted ad spend—which pretty much guarantees a stellar return on investment. Most platforms use the pay-per-click (PPC) payment model, which means you only pay if the user takes the action you want. What’s the typical cost?

Facebook: average price-per-click for Facebook ads across all industries is $1.72
Twitter: average cost per promoted Tweet is $1.35
Instagram: average cost per 1,000 impressions on Instagram is $6.70

Best of all, you can set your social ad budget and make changes as you see results (and you WILL see results!).

Not sure where to start?
Aquarius Designs can lead the way.

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