Website Structure is more than B2B or B2C – it’s B2You.

Someone lands on your website looking for something specific. They can’t find it… they’re gone. That’s how quickly you can keep or lose a user. If your website user experience (UX) isn’t one of the first considerations in the design phase, visitors won’t be sticking around very long to find out what you do.

Website Usability Starts with the User

What do your visitors want to accomplish while surfing your site? How can you point them in the right direction? Your site structure, SEO, and navigation should easily lead them to their desired destination.  To achieve this, we’ll begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of your specific goals, objectives, and audiences. We’ll review challenges, design standards, targeted audiences, and competitive research. And we’ll put ourselves in the user’s shoes to understand the website structure, architecture, and design needs for your site.

It’s so much more than bold imagery and captivating content. Together, we will discover and define what the user’s goals are ahead of time to create the most effective website user experience. A logical site map, quick-loading pages, mobile-friendly design – each of these will be critical aspects of your site structure, SEO plan, and website usability. Our team of UX experts will take the guesswork out of the process so that users find a robust and intuitive website that gives them what they’re looking for – and what you want.

Set Your Sites on Us

Is your website structure easy to navigate? Could you use some testing to find out? Contact Aquarius Designs today to see how we can build or improve your website user experience so that visitors keep wanting more.